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Curious case of analytics politics

Google Cuba Banned
Google Cuba Banned

According to the recent news reports the Google Analytics, a free tool allowing website operators to see when people visit and from where, stopped working in Cuba . This is one of the internet censorship case which is not imposed by the country availing the service. Unlike the past few cases where the services are blocked by the receiving country this time it is initiated by the US laws and restrictions.
Google Analytics in Cuba could not be accessed on Tuesday and people were encountered with a message referring people to a website for the US Treasury Department Office of Foreign Asset Control. Cubadebate branded the move by Google as “outrageous censorship” and slammed the “injustice” of being unable to access other Google services such as maps and search engines. The list of countries where Google products or services face sanctions included Cuba, Burma, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and North Korea. Cuban experts are calling this as an ‘outrageous censorship’ after the United States (US) Internet giant blocked access to a web traffic analysis tool to comply with US sanctions.

Google Cuba Banned Curious case of analytics politics

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