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EMC to provide analytics and big data training in India


Taking a cue from the predictions of high potential analytics market in India, EMC has decided to launch special analytics and big data training program in India. This new initiative targets the engineering students and aims at improving their data analytics skills. The new buzzword viz. Big Data analytics involves accessing; analysing and using huge data sets and help organisations in getting valuable insights.
EMC program portfolio includes cloud computing, data science and big data analytics training and certification to help develop professionals. This will help them to derive more valuable insights from the new expanse of data that businesses create and capture for competitive advantage. As a part of EMC Academic Alliance (EAA) program the company will also offer these courses to their university partners through its EAA program in addition to customers. Currently it has developed support framework to train over 30,000 engineering students in the first year itself .

The big-data analytics market in India is expected to more than double to around USD 680 million by 2015 from USD 320 million last year and that is a huge opportunity. According to a EMC-Zinnov study, private cloud market is expected to create one lakh jobs in India by 2015, while another Mckinsey Global Institute study predicts a shortage of 1.9 lakh data scientists’ globally by the year 2019. There will be a huge demand for skilled manpower and the programme is targeted at addressing that need. While India has the necessary technical manpower, it is important to skill them in these new areas in order to leverage the power of analytics and deliver benefits.

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