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HootSuite dashboard to integrate Webtrends


HootSuite has announced about its future collaborative strategy with the Webtrends Analytics tools. The new dashboard would be equipped with the Webtrends Analytics with full integration. This step by the web analytics champion HootSuite has opened up the scope for measurement tools which is currently available to the Enterprise clients.
The HootSuite-Webtrends integration services will further provide the upgraded and better performance data which every organization seek to properly evaluate the return of investment in different social activities. The auto-generated reports from the latest tool can be easily personalized to analyze the connections between the social media messages and website conversion statistics. The new service would also display the comparison of the different effectiveness matrices across the channels.
The clients from diverse businesses, departments and teams will be able to act upon the data provided from this integration in a timely fashion, modifying their social tactics to drive higher conversions online. Another added advantage is- the automated reporting would significantly reduce the time spent in compiling the data and presents it in simplified terms to the various stakeholders. The detailed insights show the effectiveness of social media engagement tools and strategy in website conversions rate, and the impact on an organization’s bottom line.

The objective behind the integration is to provide clients with the performance data they require to evaluate the return on investment of their social activities as stated in the official media reports.HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes said: Every organization must continually evaluate and optimize the social media return on investment of each department’s publishing and engagement efforts. For that, you need measurement-driven management, and the HootSuite-Webtrends integration helps satisfy that need. This partnership is another example of HootSuite’s commitment to our clients’ success, and to providing the market-leading functionality that our Enterprise clients expect. Webtrends CEO Alex Yoder added: At Webtrends, we believe that analytics drive insight and insight drives more effective digital marketing. Our new partnership with HootSuite will provide marketers with unprecedented insights into social media engagement and effectiveness leading to valuable, quantifiable, and repeatable social media marketing optimization for organizations of all types.

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