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IIM Ranchi to establish Analytics Lab


In an attempt to develop analytical expertise, IBM and IIMRanchi have partnered to establish an analytics lab in the campus of the IIMRanchi. This would be helping the students in enhancing their various managerial decision making skills and acumen for strategic thinking in businesses. The collaboration is expected to help the newly established IIM Ranchi in enhanced research and development of innovative business analytic tools. The various business domains, industry-academia collaborative research and consultancy will be dealt by the  experts and trainers. Nurturing superior business analytic capabilities in students is the major focus of this whole set of program as revealed by the director, IIM Ranchi.

The joint program of Career Education for Business Transformation (CEBT) will emphasise the key areas of business process transformation with the involvement of software. The Program would include establishing Analytics Lab as well as procuring software for the different phases of trainings and skills development. This is designed in order to address the demand for analytical skill sets in global market. This industry-academia joint venture would bring together the latest software content, real-world industry experiences, hands on lab course, best practices and case studies in a single suite.

IIM, Ranchi and IBM will also be focussing upon the faculty expertise and attempt to develop managerial talent demanded by the industry. The understanding of real-life business scenarios and utilization of technology for social and business will be adding to the mission statements of the collaboration. The business transformation with the use of right set of software and best practices is the leitmotif of the programme. All the students and faculties who are successfully complete the track and specialization courses will receive certificate from IBM Career Education.  Some of the issues to be covered are Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Information Management, E-Marketing, SSME & IT Infrastructure Management, Social Networking.

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