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New HR Analytics Course -Building Meaningful Analytics

HCI Analyticpedia
HCI Analyticpedia

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) has added a new course to the already existing HR training portfolio designed to assist HR professionals. The course aims  in teaching the HR practitioners to become more data-driven in decision making with the help of analytics. The title of the new training programme is  “Building Meaningful Analytics (BMA)” and has been developed by Dave Forman to equip the HR professionals in playing a significant role in strategic and operational decisions . HCI is a global association for talent management committed  to disseminated best practices and contemporary ideas. The network of HR practitioners, Fortune corporations, government agencies, global consultants and business schools contribute to the Institute. There is a constant flow of relevant  and useful information, which is organized, analyzed and shared with members through HCI communities, research, education and events. The BMA course is created to deal with the ever changing  paradigms. Developed as a one-day course presented both online and offline format, the course aims to help HR practitioners:

  •  Become more data-driven, allowing HR to lead the business around human capital measures just as finance leads the business in operations and tangible assets.
  •  Provide a business intelligence and analytics perspective to addressing problems, uncovering ways in which the business can maximize success by supplying data-based decision frameworks.
  • Make strategic contributions, and in doing so enhance their position and highlight their importance within the organization

By the end of the course, HCI BMA attendees will have a “Talent Scorecard”, tailored to each organization’s specifications and comprised of six to eight measures worth implementing based on their input. With this tool in hand, HR practitioners can begin to address how to increase the transparency of metrics within their own organizations. Successive scorecards, compiled over time, will reveal trends and patterns with more clarity than a single “snapshot” of an organiztions current state.

HCI Analyticpedia New HR Analytics Course  Building Meaningful Analytics

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