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PayPal’s Way :Leading with Analytics

Paypal analyticpedia
Paypal analyticpedia

SumAll, a new venture backed e-commerce data analytics tool, has rolled out a fully integrated new version of their platform that allows PayPal customers access to their online stores’ business intelligence data. Business owners who already use PayPal as one of their payment gateways, can, with just a few clicks, easily integrate their data with SumAll and immediately gain real-time actionable insights about their stores.

SumAll aims to shake-up the business intelligence market with a platform that delivers sophisticated revenue analysis at an affordable price. Launched in November, 2011, the company is already tracking over 300 million in real-time revenue data.

According to recent news PayPal processes 60% of web transactions, Google is the fastest payment gateway, and some unlucky surfer had to wait over 92 seconds for his online purchase to complete.PayPal is by far the biggest payment processor on the web, at least according to this sample. During the test period, PayPal processed over 66,000 payments, more than three times as many as the nearest competitor, Authorize.net. Google Checkout came in fifth with just over 3400 payments.PayPal is growing at a phenomenal rate globally.

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