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QlikView Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions to be implemented in Maruti Suzuki


Maruti Suzuki has planned to deploy Analytics solutions from QlikView to improve its business insights and operational effiicieny with the help of real time data analysis. QlikView will provide valuable inputs to the Auto maker company’s business operations and corporate decision-making.

QlikTech India spokesperson termed this as a great win for QlikView Global and expressed the commitment to help in strategic efforts of the Indian Automaker.  With assistance of QlikView, Maruti Suzuki will be able to get timely visibility and insights into the various business operations; facilitate quicker and more effective business decision-making to achieve business growth and enable better service quality and customer satisfaction.

QlikView is a new kind of BI tool that is driving spectacular results for companies in India and globally. In India, QlikView is helping customers across industries, steer their organisations forward. In highly competitive and ever-changing market dynamics, organisations in India are relying more and more on business discovery to uncover facts that aid them in accurate decision-making. The QlikView Business Discovery platform’s app-driven model works with the existing BI solutions, offering an immersive mobile and social, collaborative experience. QlikView offers solutions for both single users to large enterprises and it can be deployed across the multiple platforms.

Maruti Suzuki official emphasised on the need of a powerful BI solution that could facilitate operations analysis and business insight, which further help the company in better decision-making in the areas of sales and marketing, supply chain, HR, finance etc. With $7.2 billion in revenues and over 9,000 employees, Maruti Suzuki has a dealer network of over 1,140 sales outlets spread in 825 towns and cities. It is the largest passenger car manufacturer in India with production facilities at two locations — Gurgaon and Manesar in Haryana state.  The auto major has a market share of around 40 per cent and manufactures over 1.2 million vehicles annually.

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