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Content Navigator Analyticpedia
Content Navigator Analyticpedia

IBM has introduced a new software that will help the employees to capitalize the broadest range of business information more effectively from their desktops, mobile phones and tablets.  The new software will also allow mobile workers to securely access, manage and gain insight from structured and unstructured content such as emails, documents, images, Web data and collaboration tools to improve productivity. IBM Content Navigator, the new software, gives scope for the employees to access diverse range of data  and content.

The software which is built on open standards like HTML5 and CMIS, also provides a consistent user experience across a variety of mobile devices, operating systems and content sources. This has immensely helped the employees across all lines of business function to use the content irrespective of the time and location. The collaboration and mobile capabilities of the IBM Content Navigator is also coupled with various other contrasting advantages. The underlying platform was built for easy customization and the employees themselves can set up document collaboration with less or no help from the Information experts.  This self-customization has allowed the departments such as sales, human resources, finance or legal to modify the solution for their specific needs and requirements.

such as documents, reports, e-mails, Web content, surveys and enterprise applications.IBM has also provided and add-on  of  Big Data platform, InfoSphere BigInsights for this content analytics software . This extra gift will further allow clients to derive greater insights in a cost-efficient manner from the ever-increasing volumes of unstructured information flowing both within and outside the enterprise. The clients can overcome the processing limitations and indexing constraints to analyze huge amount of information for decisions science in the areas of  healthcare, insurance claims , customer care etc..

Content Navigator Analyticpedia The new Content Navigator in mobile avatar


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