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Key Performance Indicators for E Commerce Sites



The business of E commerce is growing rampantly. But still many of the sites are not reaching the threshold and are lost in the oblivion. The performance of the e commerce sites is dependent on many criteria or indicators. Some of the criteria are listed here so that we can have better understanding of the indicators related to the overall performance.

Conversion Rate

This denotes the actual number of visitors ending up in buying something from the Website. This is a basic calculation in which total number of orders is divided by total site visits. Every e-commerce site must track this basic metric.

Value of order Size

This metric tells about the amount that the average user buys when they make a purchase. This indicator is extremely important and could be used for understanding the premium and non premium customers.

 Items per order

This indicator measures the success of the site in cross-selling and product recommendations. It’s an important number for most online stores. A different but related metric is conversion by campaign, which looks at how visitor segments are attracted by different initiatives and converted into buyers. By studying the differences in campaigns, a company can fine-tune its messaging and improve its results.

Step-by-step purchase conversion in the registration process

During every purchasing process, online stores lose customers. As a result, they should try to identify where people are dropping out and focus on improving the experience at those points. Although such improvements may seem unrelated to your core business, they can lead to a significant increase in orders and revenue.

Analysis of purchase-funnel defectors

When people drop out of the purchase process, it’s useful to know where they went and why. They may, for example, simply be looking for additional information before they return to the process. If you find out what they’re looking for, you can provide it at the right time and optimize your checkout process.

First-time versus returning buyers

You can improve your site experience by understanding behavioral differences between first-time and repeat buyers and offering unique experiences for both.

Create your Own KPI

Set your own goals!!!! E commerce sites can create their own KPI to judge their own performances.


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