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IBM introduced PureData System for Big data and analytics


IBM has extended its already existing family of expert integrated PureSystems with the new PureData System, which would focus on analytics and the ability to handle big data efficiently. With this new innovation clients will manage and analyze petabytes of data more efficiently and in less time. The intelligent use of the insights to support specific business goals such as marketing, sales and business operations could be done in lesser time as claimed by the company. PureData System is the advancement in the company’s overall strategy to deliver a family of systems with a built-in expertise which leverages the decades of experience to reduce the cost and complexity of big data. As per the official reports users can have the system up and running in 24 hours and handle more than 100 databases on a single system. The new PureData System is available in three workload-specific models optimized for transactional, operational and big data analytics to help clients solve these challenges.
PureData System for Transactions- Retail and credit card processing environments depend on the rapid handling of transactions and interactions. These transactions may be small, but the volume and frequency require fast and efficient environments. The new system provides hardware and software configurations integrated and optimized for flexibility, integrity, availability and scalability for any transaction workload.

PureData System for Operational Analytics- The new system can deliver actionable insights concurrently to more than 1,000 business operations to support real-time decision making. Operational warehouse systems are used for fraud detection during credit card processing, to deliver customer insights to call center operations, and track and predict real-time changes in supply and demand for energy and utilities.

PureData System for Big Data Analytics- For today’s organizations to be competitive, they need to quickly and easily analyze and explore big data—even when dealing with petabytes. The new system simplifies and optimizes the performance of data warehouse services and analytics applications Clients can use it to predict and help avoid customer churn in seconds, and create targeted advertising and promotions using predictive and spatial analysis, and prevent fraud.

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