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IBM Analytics in Refineries Now: HMEL Case

hmel analyticpedia
hmel analyticpedia

HMEL ( JV of  HPCL and Mittal Energy) has adopted a new IBM analytics product to transform the way it manages the  financial and operations data in order to improve business performance. The new IBM solution integrates information within the refinery and delivers a consolidated, single view of the data. The new technology will enable HMEL to analyse key corporate business processes including, planned versus actual investments, production, key performance indicators, among others. The system will generate near real-time information for HMEL business executives to use to make more intelligent decisions around optimizing productivity and margins.

CEO of HMEL says that “As a green-field project, we wanted to leverage the best of technology to ensure world-class operations and efficiency. We needed a solution that would provide us with a centralized view of all our assets for operational management purposes. IBM’s framework, built for our industry, addressed our requirement effectively, with significant plant performance and productivity.” IBM has been working alongside HMEL as part of Project Prism, the umbrella program to implement strategic applications for HMEL, to support the ERP system, manage master data (MDM), build key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards, and create an integration business application environment. The Cognos Business Intelligence solution helps HMEL in building an enterprise-class Performance Management platform closely aligned with their existing technical architecture.

IBM spokesperson expressed “This project is a testament to our ongoing collaboration to build smarter solutions across industries in the region. We are proud to be associated with HMEL in helping them build a truly world-class refinery,”. Amidst complex processes, like in a refinery, use of analytics can transform financial processes and improve operational efficiencies thereby establishing a new standard of excellence in business performance.” The IBM analytics solution not only delivers the ability to access data consistently, but also equips the organization with power to interpret, transform and derive process operation actions from the information. It provides an industry standards based information model and associated integration techniques, enabling HMEL to turn data into information that can be accessed and delivered through Web services.

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