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Yahoo in Big Data Race with Genome

Genome Yahoo Analyticpedia
Genome Yahoo Analyticpedia

Genome from yahoo is the new buzzword in the analytics world. Yahoo has planned to launch it by july to tackle up the big data and advertisements challenges. Genome combines the best of the technology, data, analytics and media from Yahoo and interclick. The premium media and unmatched user data with proven targeting capabilities as well as  unified technology stack, third-party data partnerships and expertise in analytics and audiences are the major attractions of Genome.

Genome, is designed to help companies deliver more targeted online advertising and marketing campaigns. Its is scheduled to become available in July and will let online advertisers sift through and analyse massive amounts of behavioral and advertising-related data gathered from Yahoo’s networks and interclick, a company Yahoo acquired in December. The tool will also let advertisers bring in their own data, mash it up with Yahoo’s data sets and run analytics on the combination.

Over the past two years or so, scores of startups have emerged up with tools to help companies run business intelligence, data analytics and predictive analytics applications against big data sets. In many cases, companies have been implementing these tools on their own. According to yahoo Marketers today are facing a growing list of challenges, including the explosion of data, fragmentation of technology, outdated planning and buying techniques, and the need for truly actionable insights. According to yahoo executive Genome can help marketers transform consumer information and insights into actionable online media executions that enable them to attain the right context and audiences.

The Genome website claims that their predictive analytics and lift derivation techniques account for core statistical challenges faced in digital advertising: dimensionality, sparsity, noise, rare events, significance, confidence, causation, cross-channel impact, and more. This is critical to help in building actionable media executions and anticipate, optimize, and measure audience performance.

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