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Social Media Analytics and Box Office

Fizziology Analyticpedia
Fizziology Analyticpedia

Social Data Analytics. It’s not just about measuring sentiment from social media sites anymore. Today’s businesses require a much deeper insight into drivers of their markets, needs of their customers, and attitudes they may have on a number of issues.

Same is a case with Fizziology which has capitalised the social media and opened a new horizon for the Media and Entertainement Industry. It has roughly predicted the success of many hollywoood Films Such as Pirates of the carribean and batmanrises. It has also predicted the public sentiments towards the Film promos and extracted valuable data out of that.

Fizziology monitors social media buzz from Facebook, Twitter and blogs on everything from movies to actors to sporting events. It provides real-time information from the world’s largest, fastest, most honest focus group — social media.

Fizziology uses social media to find out what people are saying and thinking about media and entertainment.

According to the founder of fizziology Analytics can help movie studios quantify the types of films and celebrities  fans prefer, improve the customization of film distribution and marketing |  campaigns, and evolve test screening and exit survey processes.

Social sentiment analysis is all about enabling organizations to explore valuable new  dimensions of reporting, while increasing awareness of consumer interests.

It is now introducing SocialDensity, new analytics for buyers and sellers of television advertising to quantify the social impact of a show. A leader in theatrical film tracking of social media conversation since late 2009, Fizziology is now providing analysis and insights to television studios, networks, media agencies and brands.

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