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French open’s analytics connection


IBM’s cloud technology will allow fans to access real-time data, scores, statistics and videos through the Web, smartphones and tablets  IBM has delivered a private cloud computing system and services for the 2012 Roland-Garros (French Open) tennis tournament as part of its technology partnership with event, which will allow the official website of the tournament to handle 100 times more traffic.

Throughout the tournament, IBM’s SmartCloud infrastructure will help the site scale to meet the spike in demand from its global fan base, while delivering in-depth pre-match analysis and real-time updates of action on the court. Following the tournament, IBM will help the French Open site scale down to support regular operations.   In addition to pre-match analysis and real-time updates of action on the court, IBM used advanced analytics via its SlamTracker technology to give fans insider access on how an individual player needs to perform to do well in a match. SlamTracker, which is built on SPSS statistical analysis software running on System x machines, takes scores, statistics, and player analysis to visually render a range of match data in real time. By clicking on a point on the SlamTracker match timeline, fans see the details behind that point so that they can better understand match highlights, turning points, and player momentum. The SlamTracker data analysis tool was available for use during and after a match.

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