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BIG Data Analytics Insights Conference


BIG Data Analytics Insights Conference is scheduled on 18th-19th December,2012 at The Westin Mumbai Garden City India.The event is organised by KamiKaze B2B Media alongwith AnalyticpediA as media partner.

Agenda of the conference is evolution of right strategies,tools & knowledge to reach the business persons by meeting & interacting with experts during the event.

The Big Data, Analytics & Insights Conference will offer attendees the opportunity to explore data analytics solutions, latest skills, tools, and technologies needed to make Big Data work for their organization. There will be series of case studies, interactive panels and round tables discussions which will help attendees realize their needs and leverage the platform to get appropriate solutions.The conference will explore how business decision making is evolving with big data, and how data-informed decisions are shaping the leading strategies and business models. Understanding how to manage the transition to a data-intensive economy will make or break companies, careers, and fortunes.

 Highlights of the event

  • Discover how other organizations are deriving value from their data assets
  • Identifying gaps in the market, managing risk and providing services that are truly valued
  • Engaging opinions and networking with senior business leaders from various industries
  • Spotlight on the IT field’s new phenomenon
  • The Big Data Value Chain: The Technologies & Innovations

For more information please contact:

Aboli Pawar, Project In-Charge
Tel.: +91 9833226990

Janice Gomes, Project Manager
Tel.: +91 9820104787

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