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Television analytics provider SocialGuide Acquired by Nielsen and NM Incite


Nielsen and NM Incite, a joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey & Company, today announced the acquisition of SocialGuide, a leading provider of social TV measurement, analytics and audience engagement solutions. The acquisition will strengthen Nielsen’s capability to delivering comprehensive media measurement solutions and improve NM Incite’s social media research and analytics .

SocialGuide provides solutions for social TV measurement, analytics and audience engagement.

It runs a  real-time social TV capture service of more than two hundred  US TV channels in English and Spanish languages.  SocialGuide’s intelligent analytics and engagement platform gives insight about the social impact of TV thus  enabling different  networks to effectively engage with their fan base in real time. In the words of the tech-blog techcrunch “SocialGuide basically mines, filters, displays and ranks discussions happening on the most popular social networks about TV in real time, enabling users to discover new shows and interact with their friends, fellow fans and stars of their favorite shows.”

The acquired social media analytics  business will be merged with the  NM Incite,which is a joint venture between Nielsen and management consultant McKinsey & Company. At present Nielsen provides data to the top 1,000 marketers, operating in 30 markets around the world. Together, Nielsen, NM Incite and SocialGuide will focus on efforts to quantify the relationship between social TV and TV ratings to enable advertisers to maximize the impact of their spend, and provide new research metrics to understand social TV’s impact on consumer behavior and viewing habits.

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