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Nielsen improves online advertisement analytics with vizu

VIZU NIELSEN Analyticpedia
VIZU NIELSEN Analyticpedia

With the recent acquisition of Vizu, Nielsen improves its online and cross-platform advertising campaign measurement and advertising solutions, by adding real-time online effectiveness measurement. This acquisition is a continuation of Nielsen’s recent advancements in cross-platform advertising measurement. Vizu’s Ad Catalyst will be immediately available as part of Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings and the Brand Effect suite to demonstrate an ad’s reach and resonance across online and TV.

The Nielsen company has now planned to offer the real-time reporting of online advertisements performance in terms of the  media plan participants, frequency of advertisement exposure, advertising execution and targeting strategy. The new real-time data will  improve advertisements efficiency by enabling in-flight optimization by online advertising companies. The company will provide its clients with a more comprehensive understanding of the reach and resonance of online advertising. Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings helps the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings and Nielsen’s proprietary TV data in increasing reach and  frequency. The Gross rating point( GRP) measures for Television and Online advertising will increase by the help of the upgraded integrated marketing campaigns.

The acquired company i.e.; Vizu was Founded in 2007, with a vision to help advertisers to track and measure the online advertising campaigns. The enterprise platform provided by Vizu focused on real-time feedback for advertisers. Using the multifaceted real time data, Vizu also helped its advertisers in making customized  changes to improve the outcome of the campaign. The parent company Nielsen Holdings  is a global information and measurement company with major expertize in marketing and consumer information, TV measurement and online business intelligence. Nielsen has a global presence in with more than hundred countries. It has headquarters in two places-New York, USA and Diemen, the Netherlands.

VIZU NIELSEN Analyticpedia Nielsen improves online advertisement analytics with vizu

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