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Lavastorm Analytics empowers Visual Analytic capabilities with R


Lavastorm Analytics, a leading global analytics software company, announced today that the award-winning Lavastorm Analytics Platform and its core Lavastorm Analytics Engine can now directly support statistical and predictive data analytics models written using the open source R programming language. The support comes via the new R Analytics Pack in the Lavastorm Analytics Library that allows enterprises to directly integrate analytics written in R into broader business intelligence (BI) and business data analytics applications using Lavastorm’s drag-and-drop visual discovery interface.
The new R Analytics Pack brings the full capabilities of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine to R programmers, including the ability for them to bring together disparate data, and profile, inspect, and cleanse the data themselves. In addition, the R Analytics Pack extends the Lavastorm Analytics Engine’s core functionality and enables business analysts to perform more statistical, financial, and predictive analyses in tandem with traditional business process analytics to optimize key functions like competitive pricing and customer churn avoidance.
Lavastorm Analytics Engine allows users to quickly and easily turn complex R-based programming code into reusable analytic building-blocks. Lavastorm users can store their R analytics in pre-configured, drag-and-drop functions that can then be deployed with a single click of the mouse to perform customized and persistent analysis of specific business processes. The new R Analytics Pack, replete with training video, is available immediately for use via the Lavastorm Analytics Engine, which has proven capable of performing analytics of complex business data and processes up to 90 percent faster than SQL-based tools. For more information about Lavastorm and their range of data discovery and audit analytics solutions, visit www.lavastorm.com .

LAVA ANALYTICPEDIA Lavastorm Analytics empowers Visual Analytic capabilities with R

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