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Revolution Analytics pushes R 6.0 into market


Revolution Analytics has released an upgrade of its R Enterprise platform, providing users with more ways to handle big data. The company is a provider of software and services for the open source data analysis and statistics language R. The new solutions will offers new scalability and performance features that will enable users to analyze data on the cloud and within the enterprise in less time, compared to older versions.  Revolution Analytics which had previously commercialized the open source R programming language and statistical analysis tool – has now updated its R Enterprise stack and with a 6.0 version release.

Highlights of Revolution R Enterprise 6.0 include:

  • Platform LSF Cluster Support: The platform now supports distributed computing on multinode Platform LSF grids, in association with IBM. It also includes support on Windows-based grids provided via the Microsoft HPC Server.
  • Cloud-Based Analytics with Azure Burst: Users can switch computations from a local Microsoft Windows HPC Server cluster to the Azure Cloud with a single command.
  • Big Data Generalized Linear Models: Support for big-data predictive models used in insurance, finance, and biotech industries, providing fast analytics on big data.
  • Direct Analysis of SAS, SPSS, ASCII, and ODBC Data: Users can analyze proprietary data formats without the need for SAS/SPSS licenses.
  • Updated R 2.14.2 Engine: Improved performance and parallel programming capabilities. In addition, Revolution Analytics’ open-source RHadoop project (for Hadoop integration) is updated to work with this new engine.

Now, users can just use the native data sets and there is no need to worry about having a license for SAS or SPSS if you have moved off those platforms to open-core R Enterprise tools. R Enterprise comes in two flavors: workstation and server. A workstation edition which is designed for a single user on a single workstation PC costs $1,000 per machine per year for a license. The server edition, which can be used by an unlimited number of end users firing work at the cluster or cloud, costs $30,000 per year for an eight-core x86 server. The notable company’s customers include Marketo, Kraft Foods, Pfizer, Novartis mu sigma and Visa.

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