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Movie@ Analyticpedia Pi: 1998

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The main figure, Max Cohen,believes roughly in three things.

Firstly, that mathematics is the language of the universe.

Secondly,that nature can be expressed in numbers and

finally, that patterns can be found everywhere.

And of course, if he can find the patterns, he can predict everything.

Here is a great movie about pattern and symbols found in nature. The way protagonist finds a peculiar pattern in each and every thing is almost bizarre yet not unbelievable. The hero believes that nature works in mathematician’s way and each and every thing could be thought in terms of formulaes. There could be an apparent disorder but still we can look for an order  and vice versa. Order and Disorder is so inextricable linked  together that we are always spellbounded by the beauty of the universe.When we see the nature that it is very easy to get deluded by the sheer appearance and not reach the underlying pattern and coherence.

Where ever there is a matrix of data we can mine a beautiful pattern out of it.  Whatever be the size of the data there is a pattern and there must be a specific way to predict the very nature of the congregation of the data. There would be some pattern  whatever random it may look. Thus what an analytical mind has got to do is that look for that order in randomness as the protagonist say.

PI analyticpedia Movie@ Analyticpedia  Pi: 1998

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