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Veooz launched by Setu software

Veooz Analyticpedia
Veooz Analyticpedia

Indian startup SETU Software launches a free tool Veooz.com that provides real-time social media search and analytics on any topic of interest. Veooz, pronounced as views, computes sentiment on a very large number of topics discussed on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, comments on news articles and other social media networks. Currently the tool is tracking more than 500 million topics and growing.Veooz attempts to democratize sentiment analysis by bringing near real time sentiment and analytics to the consumers.Users can now see in one place, the sentiment and the discussions taking place on social networks on their favorite people,places and products.

The last decade saw a huge surge in the use of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and blogs generating massive amount of information, opinions, reviews making it hard to track the social conversations, live trends and insights.Fortunately, now there is a solution through this innovative platform that aggregates and analyzes the buzz around users’ favorite topics from popular social media networks and puts it all in one place.

The tool presents the pulse of social conversations in the form of Veooz Live Sentiment.It considers all the opinionated posts and offers a real-time measure of social sentiment on a given topic automatically.A rating of +70% on Veooz Live Sentiment means 70% of the opinions are positive.Similarly if more than 50% of opinions are negative, then a negative rating will be displayed by veooz.

The platform has been developed by SETU Software Systems, an Indian startup,following several years of research into semantic search and sentiment analysis.”Veooz is a first-of-its-kind free platform that gives a unified view of the live sentiments,current trends, world’s views, and influencers’ opinions on any topic of your interest. With veooz.com,you can track social conversations, see the Live Sentiment on a hot topic and even post your opinions to your social networks. We currently monitor Twitter,Facebook, news comments and blogs, with support for other social media platforms coming soon,” says Dr. Prasad Pingali, CEO of SETU Software Systems.The tool has already analysed user conversations on over 500 million topics and boasts a processing rate of 100 million views a day.

SETU Software is a technology startup founded by computer science researchers and academicians based in Hyderabad, India. The leadership team consists of the two co-founders Dr. Prasad Pingali (CEO) and Prof. Vasudeva Varma (Chief Scientist) and its Chairman Mr. Srini Koppolu (former corporate VP and MD of Microsoft India Development Center).SETU Software Systems, a research-based technology company, has launched a social media monitoring analytics tool Veooz, which tracks user conversations about trending topics on social media networks to one place.

Veooz, pronounced as ‘views’, aggregates and analyzes the buzz around a user’s topics, such as favourite food,places, brands, etc. from social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.Veooz presents the pulse of social conversations and presents it in the form of Veooz Live Sentiment –in terms of positive and negative. This is a real-time measure of social views expressed on any selected topic,calculated considering all the opinionated posts.

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