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Oracle launches Retail Customer Analytics application

Retail alaytics analyticpedia
Retail alaytics analyticpedia

Oracle Retail Customer Analytics will enable business users to run queries and act on insights directly from their dashboard. Oracle has introduced a new business intelligence application, Retail Customer Analytics, which helps retailers understand their customers better and assess their buying decisions. The new application is built on Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and provides the segmentation, demographic, product affinity and promotion information that category managers, merchandise managers, buying and pricing analysts need to make informed decisions.

Oracle Retail Customer Analytics utilises the existing data to help retailers understand how their products are selling across demographic groups, the most valuable customer segments, how promotions are performing and their top product affinities.It includes more than 10 pre-built dashboards based on almost 100 key performance indicators and enables retailers to adapt to customer preferences and market opportunities.The new release complements Oracle Retail Merchandising Analytics, which provides visibility to item and store performance, inventory, sales and profit trends and potential out-of-stocks.Oracle’s new BI application will enable business users to run queries and act on insights directly from their dashboard. It also supports today’s mobile workforce and delivers reports to mobile devices and desktops in a variety of formats.
The Retail Analytics applications are optimised to run on Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.They are pre-integrated with several Oracle and third-party applications and can be implemented alone or together to accommodate each retailer’s information requirements and application environment.

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