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Wipro and Quiterian Shakes Hand

Wipro Analyticpedia
Wipro Analyticpedia

European predictive analytics software provider Quiterian has signed a global deal with Indian IT giant Wipro, whose clients will be offered Quiterian’s solutions. Quiterian’s self-service platform Analytics 3.0 pulls in data from multiple sources including the web and social media, emails and user firms’ CRM and other systems and helps to identify targets and segment customers. Quiterian, is a European developer of predictive analytics software for business, and its partnering company  Wipro is the Indian IT giant’s who are about to serve the clients on all corners of the globe.

To date its products, which are designed for non-specialist users with no specific technical training, have mostly been marketed in Europe. Quiterian’s EMEA Channel Director Alexandre Arrighi says the deal ‘is really a strategic and global alliance, and fits right in with our commitment to global growth.’ K.R Sanjiv, SVP and Global Head, Analytics and Information Management at consulting and outsourcing division Wipro Technologies, says the agreement will ‘further extend [the company’s] leadership in the area of advanced analytics’ and enhance its customer insight solutions.

Quiterian Analytics 3.0, a self-service and agile platform that integrates data from multiple sources (social media, Web, CRM, ERP, campaigns, emailing), enables non-expert users to make faster and better decisions based on consumer behavior knowledge. Through the Advanced and Predictive Analytics techniques, analysts with no technical training can identify patterns and profiles of the most profitable customers, perform smart segmentations and execute automated marketing campaigns with customized offers, all with total independence from IT department personnel.

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