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Adobe releases all in one Digital Analytics Suite


At Adobe’s annual Digital Publishing Summit, Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced a series of groundbreaking new features for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) that will allow media companies and corporate publishers to deliver unparalleled reach and monetize their unique content in new ways.

The Digital Analytics package helps digital marketers find, share actionable insights from data generated from multiple sources of customer interaction. The Digital Analytics package, is a combination of six products within the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to quickly derive actionable insights from big amount of fragmented web data.

The customers utilising the Digital Analytics package receive the following products: Adobe SiteCatalyst, Adobe Discover, Adobe DataWarehouse, Adobe Genesis, Adobe ReportBuilder and Adobe TagManager.

The SiteCatalyst provides real-time intelligence about digital strategies and marketing initiatives to digital marketers as well as provides analytics on video, mobile, app and social data and is flexible to accommodate future unknown data streams.

Discover enables understanding of customer segments and online behavior with fast analysis while it is helps in identifying previously undiscovered audience segments.

Adobe DataWarehouse is a repository and back-up system to store analytics data that lets users perform complex data mining for advanced analysis.

Genesis automates integrations between the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite and partner technologies, extending the reach and capabilities of the Suite with fully tested, plug-and-play integrations.

This creates a single location from which digital marketers can view and take action on data from all of their marketing technologies and initiatives.

ReportBuilder imports analytics data from SiteCatalyst, enabling marketers to perform specialised analyses and create customised reports in Microsoft Excel, increasing their productivity.

Adobe TagManager is tag management application providing fast tag deployment and secure implementations. SiteCatalyst customers can utilise their existing SiteCatalyst tags to deploy Adobe TagManager.

The tag management application is used in conjunction with Evidon technology tohelp digital marketers and advertisers give their consumers control over how their data is used online.The Digital Analytics package helps digital marketers find and share actionable insights from data generated from multiple sources of customer interaction – social, video, mobile, email, online surveys, CRM systems and ad networks.

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