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Online Analytics Training Program from Aryng


Aryng, a Silicon Valley based Analytics training and consulting company has launched a series of online courses to address the training needs of business professionals, especially for individuals from marketing and product functions. The online analytics training modules are built along the same format as Aryng’s highly successful classroom courses, which are currently offered all around the US. These online courses will make it easier for busy professionals to learn new skills and understand what it takes to drive data based decisions.

The first offering to go online is Aryng’s Level-1, “Business Impact through Analytics” course, covering fundamentals of data-driven decision making. The topics include: 3 keys questions to ask the data, overview of Analytics landscape, hands-on experience of BADIR – Aryng’s 5-step “Data to Decisions” framework and, overview of Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics and A/B Testing. The online course offers exercises and interaction for professionals to learn the material fully. The courses are designed and built upon easy to use Digital Chalk platform making enrolling, taking the course, pausing and revisiting very easy for online course takers. And for a limited time, Aryng is offering the entire 1-day course for $299 per attendee, making it a very compelling offer.

In addition to paid courses, Aryng is also offering FREE short courses in the form of standalone video through their online analytics training program. These paid and free courses serve as pre-requisite for Aryng’s level 2 and level 3 hands-on courses, like the “Hands-on Analytics” workshop which will be held on October 18-19, in Santa Clara, California. Aryng provides analytics training and consulting to empower professionals as well organizations to leverage their data as an asset to design better product, better customer experience, delight their customers and beat the competition. Aryng’s client list includes big consumer brands like Google, eBay, Citi, Wal-Mart as well as Fortune 500 B2B companies like SAP, Teradata to name a few.

ARYANG ANALYTICPEDIA Online Analytics Training Program from Aryng


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