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Boston Analytics



Founded: 2004
Revenue: $ 370,000 (2011)
Employees: 100
Site address: http://bostonanalytics.com
Vertical: , , , ,
Area: , ,
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Strong hold in infrastructure, financial analytics domain


Compensation less competitive.

Bottom Line

Boston Analytics (BA) offers research and advisory services to corporations seeking new growth opportunities from emerging markets. BA specializes in verticals such as automotive, chemicals, healthcare, modern retail and engineering & construction. BA has completed more than 300 engagements with some of the best known names that feature in Fortune 500 and FTSE 100.

Posted January 8, 2013 by

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Boston Analytics (BA) is a business analytics and decision management firm focused on the emerging markets of BRICS, APAC, LATAM, and the MEA region. BA helps Fortune 500 and others in executing their growth strategies. BA’s services are focused on the following:

  • Entry strategies into the emerging markets
  • Profitable growth strategies in the emerging markets
  • ‘Buy’ and ‘Build’ opportunities identification for private equity firms (execution covers developing the right strategic and financial case and then managing the deal)
  • Performance improvement (financial, customer, and employee related measures) through advanced analytics

Boston Analytics endeavors to have tangible business outcomes for its engagements and deploys domain experts. In the last 5 years, Boston Analytics has completed 400+ engagements around the world and has developed deep expertise in the following domains:

  • Consumer Products
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Technology, Media, and Telecom
  • Infrastructure
  • Engineering and Construction

Boston Analytics has credentialed talent with 65% Management, Accounting, and Economics graduates and 35% with Math/Engineering backgrounds.


Strategy Analytics : Focused on entry and growth strategies in emerging markets. They help Fortune 500 and others analyze, develop, and execute their entry and growth strategies (through organic and alternative structures).Areas catered are Market Prioritization,Macroeconomic Environment Assessments,Political, Legal and Business Environment Assessments,Prioritization,Market Watch,Industries, Government Policy, Competitors, Customer Analysis,Industry Performance Assessment,Business Models,Market Entry Strategy, Business Model Options, Financial and Investment Assessment, Inorganic Options,Execution Models,Organic and Inorganic Execution, Rollout Model.

Business Analytics : Focused on positively impacting the operations and performance of organizations in emerging markets. They help clients with their business process requirements including deeper understanding of consumer experiences, better approaches to customer relationship management, marketing optimization, customer and channel management; all for tangible business outcomes.The business analytics solutions covers Customer Analytics,Acquisition,Lifecycle Management,Retention,Marketing Analytics,Market Effectiveness,Maximize ROI,Digital Marketing Effectiveness,Risk Analytics,Account Risk Management,Portfolio Risk Management,Capital Management,Operations Analytics,Supply Chain Analytics,HR Analytics,Customer Services Planning,Sales Force Effectiveness.

Financial Research and Analytics : Focused on improving the financial performance of companies, and investment management support for private equity and other financial intermediaries.the solutions engages in the areas like:Financial Analytics,Business Performance Improvement,Portfolio Management through very Sophisticated Techniques and Proprietary Frameworks,Investment Analytics,Investment Centre of Excellence covering strategic thesis for PE funds, Individual Investment Case Management, and Portfolio Companies Management.

Capital Raise : Focus on fund raise of US $ 100mn – 1bn for Private Equity and Hedge Funds.By following a strategic approach which involves Marketing Strategy,Specific Focus,Strategic Branding,Global Distribution,Institutional Exposure,Advisory,Road Shows,Closing Assistance,Client update Assistance,Value Add,Bespoke Service,Distribution Capability,Team,Competitive Fees,Process and Presentation.


  • Consumer Goods and Services:Consumer packaged goods, Retail, Travel and hospitality, Trade and distribution
  • Healthcare :Healthcare product manufacturers and distributors, Health plan providers, Hospitals, Development organizations, Pharmaceutical, Bio-sciences and Biotech organizations
  • Financial Services :Banks, Insurance companies, Private equity firms and other financial intermediaries
  • Technology, Media and Telecom:Mobile operators, Broadband providers and cable operators, Service providers, Network infrastructure providers, Media channels, Media agencies, Content brokers
  • Industrial and Infrastructure:Aerospace, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction and engineering, Consumer goods, Energy, Mining, Real estate, Utilities.

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