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Opera Solutions



Founded: 2004
Revenue: N/A
Employees: N/A
Site address: http://www.operasolutions.com
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Established in 2004 by CEO Arnab Gupta, the firm has 600 employees from over 30 countries, including more than 150 scientists. Opera is headquartered in the New York/New Jersey metro area with offices in Jersey City, New York, London, Paris, Boston, San Diego, Shanghai, and New Delhi. The latter four offices support the firm’s analytic and technological activities, developing new models, applications and analytics delivery platforms.

Posted January 27, 2013 by

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Opera Solutions has a special vision for Bog Data. According to the company website it claims that Big Data goes beyond the  organization’s internal information and its data warehouse system. Thus in order to capitalize this opportunity, there is a need to understand and determine the value in the data that flows internally and externally. The Signal Services team helps organizations create a Big Data strategy, and formulate the data policy with due focus on the value involved. Opera Solutions’ structured diagnostic approach quickly determines how organizations can best leverage data solutions, predictive analytics, and directed Best Action tools and determine how a company can realize its highest return on its data investments.

A team of machine learning scientists and business-function and domain experts of the company helps organizations understanding the equity in  data. Opera Solutions also work in tandem with businesses for monetization or to turn the data into profit. The company claims of providing enabled data service solutions for some of the most sophisticated companies across many industries including financial services, hedge funds, retail, food, consumer products, gaming, travel, hospitality, industrial, private equity, automotive, healthcare, and government.

Another peculiar expertise of the company is Signal Hub Integration. In this method when any organization licenses a Signal Hub, all the valuable internal and external data are identified, normalized, and funneled into the Signal Hub. There is constant help provided in all stages of that preparation process, including data sourcing, validation, cleansing, organization, and hierarchy.


Opera Solutions, LLC is a technology and analytics company mainly focused on capturing profit growth opportunities emerging from big data. The firm uses a combination of analytics, technology, machine learning science, large-scale data management, and human expertise to build and deliver analytics solutions to large and mid-sized clients in a number of sectors, including financial services, investment firms, consumer goods, retail, manufacturing, distribution, and government. Opera delivers predictive analytics via cloud-based lean enterprise platforms, custom projects, and strategic affiliations.


Opera Solutions caters following Industries & functions:

  • Consumer Finance & Risk
  • Gaming Leisure & Travel
  • Global Markets
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Security,Intelligence & Defense
  • Supply Chain & Operations


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