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Page Lever: Analytics & Social Marketing Tool for Facebook Pages



Release date: 2011
Version: 2011
Download Link: http://pagelever.com/
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User-friendly GUI, Customised dashboard for executives,analyst.


Real Time Monitoring analytics not available,Dollar value impact cannot be measured.

Product Profile

PageLever (http://pagelever.com/) is an analytics tool for measuring Facebook fan pages. PageLever takes the default Insights data and adds advanced analysis and reporting on private, admin-only metrics such as newsfeed impressions, sources of page-views, sources of new-fans, etc.
It includes metrics not available in default Insights. Because it measure private data, it requires administrative access to a fan page and cannot be used to measure your competitors’ pages.

Posted January 8, 2013 by

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PageLever is the leading analytics platform for measuring brand’s presence on Facebook Page.

95% of impressions and activity on social platforms happen within the feed. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond, the feed is the most important place for marketers and advertisers to focus.

At PageLever, they design solutions that help brands and agencies get the most out of the feed.

Their solutions focus help customers get the most out of social platforms by turning data into actionable insights.

They started with Facebook, and their customers include YouTube, Baskin Robbins, the Phoenix Suns, etc.When MTV India started using PageLever, they went from 3,000′ish engagements per photo post to 7,000′ish engagements per photo post.Tourism Australia started using PageLever and immediately realized they were wasting $5,000 a week in their social marketing budget.Four of the ten largest Facebook pages rely on PageLever.

To examplify,PageLever Analytics in a Facebook page measures:Comments ⋅ Likes ⋅ Shares ⋅ Total Fans ⋅ Fan Growth ⋅ New Fans ⋅ Removed Fans ⋅ Daily Growth Rate ⋅ Growth Sources ⋅ Fan Demographics ⋅ Fans by Age ⋅ Fans by Gender ⋅ Fans by Country ⋅ Fans by Locale ⋅ Fans by City ⋅ Changes in Fans by Age & Gender ⋅ Reach ⋅ Reach by Gender & Age ⋅ Reach by Country ⋅ Reach by Locale ⋅ Reach by City ⋅ Organic Reach ⋅ Viral Reach ⋅ Paid Reach ⋅ Organic Impressions ⋅ Viral Impressions ⋅ Paid Impressions ⋅ Page Views ⋅ Tab Views ⋅ External Referral Sources ⋅ Engaged Users ⋅ People Talking About This (PTAT) ⋅ People Talking About This by Gender & Age ⋅ PTAT by Country ⋅ Consumptions ⋅ Stories Created on a daily, weekly, monthly and per-post basis.


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