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HP to launch full fledged analytics outsourcing service


HP Enterprise Services today announced new Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) analytics services designed to meet the demand of its worldwide customer base. HP Business Analytics Services would aim at providing practical, day-to-day analytical requirements to help clients recognise and understand various potential opportunities. The analytics strategy of HP includes working closely with clients to set up, run and deliver analytics that support timely and actionable insights. These services help support clients with faster and better insights across a variety of functions such as marketing, sales, customers, supply chain, finance and human resources.

HP analytics professionals leverage innovations developed through HP Labs, the company’s central research arm, as well as software from Vertica and Autonomy, both HP companies, to deliver insight from structured and unstructured data. The services also leverage HP’s suite of Information Management and Analytics technology and applications offerings. With the service, HP BPO professionals analyse structured and unstructured data to derive insights, facilitate decisions and define recommended actions for businesses, and focus on providing practical, day-to-day analytical requirements.  The services also leverage HP’s suite of information management and analytics technology and applications offerings, a suite of services to architect end-to-end information strategies for management, governance, and analysis of data.

Analytics are integral to HP BPO services and the entire HP portfolio of services, software and hardware. HP offers full-service, industry-specific BPO solutions for key functions including finance, administration and customer-relationship management. These services are designed to help enterprises and public sector organisations in becoming more efficient and effective. The company is going to utilize the vendor’s business process outsourcing professionals to crunch customers’ structured and unstructured data of “unlimited” volumes. HP has been providing some level of analytics outsourcing till now but the renewed focus with latest announcement opens the door to strengthened capabilities and enterprise attention. A stronger focus on business analytics backed by an industry specific approach will reap benefits to their overall outsourcing business and BPO business in parti

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